So for the past few months the Admin Team have been extremely busy. With 1.13 released back in Jul18 has resulted in a big change. While we wait for Plugin owners to update their plugins, we (Narimm in particular <3) have been busy updating our own plugins. Although it may seem as simple as delete 1.12, insert 1.13, sadly this is not the case.

At this stage we are getting closer and closer. But the exciting news is.......

Hardcore 1 and 2 are now open! Its fishy. Its aquatic. It's one life. Its 1.13. Just stay alive or all your work gets rolled back. As a reminder, Hardcore 1 is PvE (No PvP), and no griefing. Hardcore 2, there are no rules. PvP and griefing is allowed, and encouraged. Additionally, no whitelist requirements needed for Hardcore 2. But as a reminder please read this forum post for the full rules regarding Hardcore.

So while we work on getting other servers updated, here's the current status:

  • Hub: Any client version upto 1.13.1
  • Hardcore: Must use 1.13.1 to play
  • All other worlds: Any client version up to 1.12.2 

A massive Thank You to Narimm. The late nights, the real life taking precedence. Your work is so much appreciated!! To all staff, Thank you for your help with various testing conducted. To our player base.... thank you for staying with us all this while. 

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