Hi there everyone. Just letting you all know that we have made significant progress with the server. Majority of the databases have been successfully recovered, but we are yet to discover the full depth of any corruption. Mr Add5tar has used this time to reconfigure the hardware, and since then the time and resources that Add5tar and Narimm have put in, is amazing!!

In fact, last night 1130pm AEST, Hub was restarted for the first time since the server crashed. So we are making considerable progress.

Apologise that it has taken some time (and longer than we anticipated), but we will be back soon.

Stand by for further updates.

Hi there all.

As many of you are aware, the server suffered a crash last week. With a lot of hardwork and dedication we managed to get the server up and running again on the weekend, but then we suffered several more complete crashes.

The final crash occured Sunday morning AEST. It wasnt till then we discovered the extent of issues that the original crash had caused in the way of data corruption. 

Considering that AddstarMC staff are all volunteers who have real life work and family commitments, we have been working extremely hard to get the server back up and running. 

At this stage we can't give a time frame, but will keep you all posted. 

GrizzlyGnome Awesome work everyone :) Can't wait to jump back in
Grimeton Yes it been quite a while now over a week. Understandably all volunteering to maintain the Addstar MC server do work or ...
Vequrzic It's already great to see people volunteering -- not paid but devote time for this business -- and it's even b...

Hello All!

At some point while playing Prison, I'm sure you've questioned "What happens at the end?... What rewards are there?... Why am I still mining??" Well, I'm glad you asked! 

The rewards are set up for anyone to receive. You don't have to be a Donator, nor a VIP Subscriber. ANYONE can earn these rewards,  and we challenge as many people as possible to win them! 

Donation Coupon

A one-time-use $25 discount on a shopping cart full of your desired donation items or packs!


Three NEW Trails are now exclusive to Prison winners!

Hall of Fame

You will be forever honoured with a permanent NPC at Hub!


Currently under development...

Soon to be 1 or more exclusive MiniPets for Prison winners!

OP Item

Something we've NEVER done before. Prisoner winners can choose one of the following picks to receive and use in a world of their choice!

  • 1 x Diamond Pickaxe - Unbreaking 3, Fortune 8, or
  • 1 x Diamond Pickaxe - Mending 1, Efficiency 10

A HUGE Congratulations to robert_beckley, Odex_Gaming, and MiniKitti, for completing Prison in the past week. These are the first 3 people to finish. Be sure to keep an eye out for more people finishing Prison soon! 

And as our beloved archmohaa use to say...

Keep on digging!


Peachy123 Wait so... If someone has completed Prison before you have the MiniPets done, will they receive one?
Party_Joey Nice! This is definitely motivating me to play Prison! Also love the Arch quote <3
TheGoldenRaptor You get money if you go to Prison: Bad life lessons from Addstar

Come join our first Official Games Day this Saturday, 10th March at 11:00 AM and 11:00 PM! 

Some of you may already know what this "Games Day" is, however, for those who don't know... allow me to explain 

Over the past 9 months, WVKoreaGirl and I have unofficially hosted what we called "Games Day" every two weeks. This is where we set a reoccurring time and day to gather with as many people as possible, and play any Minigames as many times as we like. A key aspect of the Games Day is we encourage all participants to join us in a voice channel on our AddstarMC Discord server. It's always immensely fun to play Minigames with this amazing community!

We look forward to playing even more games and having even more fun by creating an official event!

Each Games Day consists of 2 gaming periods. One at 11:00 AM AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time), and another at 11:00 PM AEDT (12 hours later, easy to remember  ). If you are unsure about what time it will start in your time zone, please visit this link and if you don't see your time zone, click the "Add another city or time zone..." search bar to privately enter and view what time the event will take place in your time zone. 

I look forward to seeing you all there  Who knows... maybe there will be some gate crashing admins joining the party to either blow up the games, or to give out rewards 

Party_Joey YES! It's finally an official event :d

Happy Birthday Old Man!

MiniWorks18 M posted Feb 17, 18

Today is a very special day. Our Admin _adnap_ has turned 1... year older!

Panda has been a part of the staff team for a good number of years now. He's a very supportive and friendly mentor to not only other staff but to the community as well. 

We encourage everyone to chime in with us and wish Mr. Panda a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

_Flaxen Happy Birthday Mr. Panda!, thank you for the amazing contribution and support you've given towards this community, ...
NikkiGamer101 Happy birthday! i still remember the days your name was Panda and not Adnap.
GrizzlyGnome Happy Birthday Mr Pande :)
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