It's been a very hectic year for Staff, with several hardware issues and 1.13 being released. But with Christmas just 6 sleeps away, and AddstarMC in a good position with a new Survival, new hardware, and an amazing community; its time to offer more.

To celebrate Christmas and the holiday period (for us Aussies), we'd like to announce a few Xmas coupons on our Donation Store.

Until midnight the 27th Dec 2018, we're smashing prices on our Donation Store.

  • 50% discount on our Diamond/Starter Packs, and
  • 20% discount on everything else on the Donation Store.

Additionally, for a limited time only, we have enabled this adorable festive Rudolf the Reindeer. But hurry, as it wont be available on our store for very long. But once purchased you will keep it forever!

You can even provide some Xmas cheer and donate for a friend. :)

From all of us at AddstarMC, thank you for the support and we wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas! <3

TheExclamation please add that panda as a permanent addition to the donation store.

Survival 1.13 - Now Open!

_adnap_ M posted Dec 12, 18

<< Survival 1.13 is now open! >>

»» Dont forget this forum post for the “what’s new” on Survival 1.13 ««

Additionally, the first person that can give me the exact coordinates of where i was standing for the photo above, will receive 2 Diamond Keys that can be used in any participating Server. 

/sendmail _adnap_ <x> <y> <z> (Hint: <x> and <z> coordinates end with ".5")

_adnap_ M Congrats Party_Joey for finding the coords. 2 x Diamond keys coming your way!

Howdy All. As you are aware, about a week ago we said our goodbyes to Survival 1.12. It was a time of mixed emotions, but it was good to see so many people laying TNT all over their builds and destroying their hard work. Having access to fly in survival.... well i never thought i'd see add5tar allow that.. 

But moving on...In the past week we have been madly getting the "New" Survival ready. You may have noticed the increase in staff presence. Although it may have seemed that we were quiet in chat, we have been really busy testing and tuning. But your perseverance has paid off and our intention is to re-open Survival sometime in the next few days.

»» Please read this forum post for the “what’s new” on Survival 1.13 ««

Farewell 1.12 Survival

_adnap_ M posted Dec 2, 18

There comes a time when all great things come to an end. Sadly, the existing Survival world is at that stage. On Monday night, 03 Dec 2018 (Sydney Time), the current survival will be shut down to make way for the new 1.13 Survival.

This should come as no surprise, and it's been long anticipated. We have been madly working to get everything in order, and we are nearly there. After the current Survival is shut down, it will be offline for several days, to give admins the chance to configure and rollout a brand new, fresh 1.13-based map.  During this time you can build in creative, try out HC1 or HC2, play some MiniGames, or spend some time in Skyblock or Skygrid.

If you haven't heard about transferring keepsake items, please read this post, and take action before December 3, 2018.

Don't forget we still have our 50% discount on Build Downloads! 

It will be sad to see the existing Survival go. This forum post includes some amazing builds and memories from Survival 1.12.  However, many people are looking forward to the opportunity for new discoveries and builds in Survival 1.13.  It will include exciting new terrain, shipwrecks, choral, new mobs, and maybe some new features.... 

greglaz Can not wait for a fresh start, will miss my nice little hole in the ground. and my Addstar head
_Ballsy_ M &quot;and maybe some new features&quot; Yay! tree felling and vein miner confirmed! haha
ItzPokePrince Welp, now I have a chance to be organised for once xD Looking forward to a fresh start, surprisingly for me :)
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