So for the past few months the Admin Team have been extremely busy. With 1.13 released back in Jul18 has resulted in a big change. While we wait for Plugin owners to update their plugins, we (Narimm in particular <3) have been busy updating our own plugins. Although it may seem as simple as delete 1.12, insert 1.13, sadly this is not the case.

At this stage we are getting closer and closer. But the exciting news is.......

Hardcore 1 and 2 are now open! Its fishy. Its aquatic. It's one life. Its 1.13. Just stay alive or all your work gets rolled back. As a reminder, Hardcore 1 is PvE (No PvP), and no griefing. Hardcore 2, there are no rules. PvP and griefing is allowed, and encouraged. Additionally, no whitelist requirements needed for Hardcore 2. But as a reminder please read this forum post for the full rules regarding Hardcore.

So while we work on getting other servers updated, here's the current status:

  • Hub: Any client version upto 1.13.1
  • Hardcore: Must use 1.13.1 to play
  • All other worlds: Any client version up to 1.12.2 

A massive Thank You to Narimm. The late nights, the real life taking precedence. Your work is so much appreciated!! To all staff, Thank you for your help with various testing conducted. To our player base.... thank you for staying with us all this while. 

Another Year Older

_adnap_ M posted Sep 6, 18

There comes a day that we all turn another year older... Well today that lucky person, Mr Awesome Add5tar is doing just that.

It's been an extremely busy year with so much happening, both on the server and In Real Life.

The grey hairs are starting to glisten in the sunlight, yet growing any facial hair is still a near impossibility. Yes he's getting older on the outside, but internally he is still a little school boy.

Its been an amazing and busy year Add, and we wish you a Happy Birthday from the whole team!!

_Flaxen Happy belated birthday Add! Hope you had a great day, and thank you for making this server what it is today :)
vegasvic1965 Happy Birthday Add ^^*
GalaxyUnicorn M Happy Birthday Mr Add! :)

AddstarMC Is Back!!

_adnap_ M posted Jun 3, 18

We're back online! 

It's been a very busy road. The staff have been testing, testing, and more testing. We're still fixing a few things as we go along, and there will no doubt be more things that get discovered. If you find any issues, please ensure you use /ticket and report the issue.

**UPDATE** Another issue that we have discovered is those that have multiple Creative plots, and they have merged them. They may looked merged, but the database disagrees. Doing /p merge will return the pathway to flat grass. Doing /p unmerge will return the area in between as a normal pathway. Either way you will lose what is in between. 

It has been a long month for the server to be down. This has resulted in no donations (understandably..), hence paying standard server running costs has become very difficult. Without generous donations, AddstarMC would not survive.

Finally, ensure you have read the post below this one. It contains some very important information that relates to other things that have happened, and available to you for a limited time.

Welcome back everyone!!

Grimeton Excellent. It great to have the best server up and running again. Many a thanks to one and all.
Narimm M Seriously good is that custom ART....thanks LeeBlue
awesome_everdeen WOHOO!! Now I have something to do with all my time!!! :DDD

Firstly, we do apologise for the extended down time. This may be a long read, but I encourage you to read the whole post.

As you may be aware the server crash that occured at Xmas17 had hidden disastrous effects to the server that we underestimated until the 29 April crash. The crash took out some of our hardware, which subsequently affected the data contained within. With a tremendous amount of effort, and personal/family sacrifices incurred by Add5tar and Narimm, the hardware was reorganised, and the tedious work to recover the many databases occured. The good news is all the worlds were saved with no major issues. The bad news is some of the many databases were completely corrupted.

Economy (Survival). One of the databases that was affected was Survival Economy. The $$'s. Money.  We essentially lost everything. Staff have discussed this in great depth and have come to a final decision and way forward with this. Many may not be happy, but taking into consideration what other servers do, we have decided to reset the economy to zero, then based on your online time in survival through claim blocks earned (excluding donated Expand My World Claim Blocks), have given a starting balance. Basically your balance will be $500 per 1000 Claim Blocks that you have earned. (maximum Claim Blocks attainable is 100,000 which results in a maximum starting balance of $50,000)

Achievements (Survival). Another of the many databases that suffered was the numerous Achievements databases. /aach This will also affect Survival players (if you were following this) Many of the data tables were cleared, but some did survive. You will notice many achievements have been reset, but that means its easier to get more Rewards Keys.

Prison. For our Prison VIP subscribers, to help compensate for the month downtime you will notice at /bonus there is an extra sign. Here you will be able to enable an additional personal 2x multiplier (yes, this does stack on the global one!). This Multiplier will remain active unti the end of June.. So get back and mine!!

To ALL our players. As a gesture of thanks for being patient with us over the past month, we would like to offer for a limited time, a Thank You and Welcome Back package. This will be obtainable through signs (sitting on top of Emerald Blocks) located in Hub, Survival Spawn, SkyBlock Spawn, and SkyGrid Spawn. Ensure you go to all 4 areas. These signs will only be accessible until June 12th. The free pack includes a limited edition unique MiniPet! What else will you receive? No idea. Hopefully a stack of Bamboo...

Finally, a massive thank you to Add5tar and Narimm (he's not always evil) for the amount of work that has been put into getting AddstarMC back. It has honestly been a gruelling month for them!! At this point in time we can't give an exact time or date we will be back, but I can say, the server has now been opened up for in depth testing by staff, where we are finding minor issues which are getting resolved quickly. Stay tuned!!

(Also a special thanks to LeeBlue for the awesome artwork!!)

GrizzlyGnome Awesome work getting it back up and running. :) While I understand the need for the economy reset I personally think 50...
Grimeton &quot;These signs will only be accessible until June 12th.&quot; It the 2nd now. Oh boy, hope we can all be bac...
Ginger_Roses It's been a while! Looking forward to getting back on. Thank you for all your hard work!
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