Good news everyone!

AddstarMC is moving to a new hosting provider, where we will have faster servers! We have started testing some migrations and we should be completely migrated in the next few days. We're trying to minimise disruption, but as I'm sure you can understand, there will still be disruptions and times where the server will need to be offline.

We will be upgrading from 2x very old/slow servers... to 3x much faster servers

This good deal came at an opportune time for us, with new survival opening soon and the holiday season with more players online. This should mean much less lag and a more enjoyable experience for everyone!!

Update: The server migration has completed. We are now running on newer faster hardware! :D

add5tar Update: The server migration has completed. We are now running on newer faster hardware! :d
Commander_Krill Yay to Redstone and no more panda's cruising around your place putting up signs that say redstone machines slow dow...
GrizzlyGnome Hooray! :) :) :)

We are pleased to announce a mechanism for transferring some keepsake items from the existing survival world to Survival 1.13. The goal is to allow you the option of transferring items like awards given out by admins at drop parties or on holidays, or books that you have written. There are very strict rules about what we'll allow to be transferred. After the survival reset, Moderators and Admins will review your items to ensure they don't violate rules and manually transfer these items back to you.

Rules for keepsake items:

  • NO minerals, ore blocks, enchanting books.
  • NO elytras, spawn eggs, beacons, nether stars.
  • NO weapons, armour or tools or any kind.
  • NO item you could sell at the admin shop to gain an advantage over others.
  • Except, you are allowed any item handed out at a server event with custom lore.

There is a very limited time frame so be sure to act now if you have keepsave items!

  1. Travel to Survival (you must use 1.12) using the Hub Compass
  2. Grab a single regular chest (not a shulker box) and the items you want to keep.
  3. Type /keep and you will be taken to a room with open spots on the floor.
  4. Place your chest in an empty slot (it will lock automatically)
  5. Put your keepsake items in the chest - You can only have one chest!

Once the old survival has been replaced with Survival 1.13, you can start building and establish a house or base (be sure to claim it using a golden shovel!).
Within 2 weeks of Survival 1.13 opening, we will announce how to request to have your keepsake items returned to you.

If you have any comments/questions, please reply to this forum post.

Hi everyone,

It seems like everyone is running Black Friday sales, so we thought we'd join in! 

These items in our Donation Store will be 30% OFF until midnight 27th Nov 2018:

  • Treasure Keys: Buy reward keys to be used in any /rewards area
  • Mini Pets: Have an adorable pet follow you around the server!!
  • Trails Packs: Stand out in a crowd with these impressive particle trails
  • Extras: Purchase more homes, creative plots, claim blocks and more!

Don't forget we still have our 50% discount on Build Downloads!

Happy Digging!
- The AddstarMC Team

As you've probably heard, the Admin team have been extremely busy over the past several months working on the 1.13 update for the servers. It's been a grueling few months.. this update has been one of the most difficult of all time! It's not just about the new ocean changes, mobs, items or game mechanics. There has been massive technical change "under the hood" that broke almost every plugin.
But the good news is all the hard work is starting to pay off! 

»» Please read this forum post for a very important announcement ««