AddstarMC Is Back!!

By Panda M - Posted Jun 3, 18

We're back online! 

It's been a very busy road. The staff have been testing, testing, and more testing. We're still fixing a few things as we go along, and there will no doubt be more things that get discovered. If you find any issues, please ensure you use /ticket and report the issue.

**UPDATE** Another issue that we have discovered is those that have multiple Creative plots, and they have merged them. They may looked merged, but the database disagrees. Doing /p merge will return the pathway to flat grass. Doing /p unmerge will return the area in between as a normal pathway. Either way you will lose what is in between. 

It has been a long month for the server to be down. This has resulted in no donations (understandably..), hence paying standard server running costs has become very difficult. Without generous donations, AddstarMC would not survive.

Finally, ensure you have read the post below this one. It contains some very important information that relates to other things that have happened, and available to you for a limited time.

Welcome back everyone!!

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