Hello All!

At some point while playing Prison, I'm sure you've questioned "What happens at the end?... What rewards are there?... Why am I still mining??" Well, I'm glad you asked! 

The rewards are set up for anyone to receive. You don't have to be a Donator, nor a VIP Subscriber. ANYONE can earn these rewards,  and we challenge as many people as possible to win them! 

Donation Coupon

A one-time-use $25 discount on a shopping cart full of your desired donation items or packs!


Three NEW Trails are now exclusive to Prison winners!

Hall of Fame

You will be forever honoured with a permanent NPC at Hub!


Currently under development...

Soon to be 1 or more exclusive MiniPets for Prison winners!

OP Item

Something we've NEVER done before. Prisoner winners can choose one of the following picks to receive and use in a world of their choice!

  • 1 x Diamond Pickaxe - Unbreaking 3, Fortune 8, or
  • 1 x Diamond Pickaxe - Mending 1, Efficiency 10

A HUGE Congratulations to robert_beckley, Odex_Gaming, and MiniKitti, for completing Prison in the past week. These are the first 3 people to finish. Be sure to keep an eye out for more people finishing Prison soon! 

And as our beloved archmohaa use to say...

Keep on digging!