Super Trails are here!

By _adnap_ M - Posted Jan 30, 18

You may have seen some staff running around with trails following them. You may have been lucky enough to have Trails follow you while we did some testing. But after all the testing, we can now introduce you to our latest items in the donation shop!

There are 4 main Trail Packs available. Each one has an assortment of Particle Trails, a Block Trail, and a Rain Trail.

There is also an Extension Pack (a Trail Pack is required to obtain this pack), which adds Butterfly WingsAngel Wings, and Particle Control Mode

We've also created a Mega Trail Pack. This pack combines Trail Packs 1 to 4, and the Extension Pack, into one bundle, and saves you $5.00.

So head to the donation shop, and select Trails on the top menu bar. Clicking on each pack will show what is available in the packs.

You too could look as great as this mystery guy....

We thank you for supporting us and helping keep the server running! <3

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