We Are Back!!

By Panda M - Posted Dec 31, 17

Firstly, our sincere apologies for the Extended Outage. Without going into the details, and as mentioned, we had a major malfunction on our main server. Yes, it was a bad time for this to happen, but hopefully in the mean time everyone had a great Christmas.

So the outage required Add5tar's super skills upon his return from his holidays. But since then, he has spent countless hours repairing (and at the same time upgrading some software), to bring the server back to life. Staff have gone through and tested many parts to ensure everything is working the way it used to, and we are now back up and running!!

Luckily your progress in all the worlds has not been lost. If you do notice and bugs or quirks, please raise a /ticket in game, and we will endeavour to get it sorted as quick as we can.

So with that, a massive big Thank You to Add5tar for your efforts!!! Also to the rest of the staff for the testing to get AddstarMC back up.

Also with just hours left of 2017, we wish you all a safe and Happy New Year!!

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