Recently we've had several issues in HC2 relating to player kills, fights, arguments, teaming and combat logging (logging out during combat to avoid dying). We have tried to deal with all the issues by encouraging people to remember it's just a game and to keep HC2 issues inside HC2, but most of the time it just didn't work. I've also tried to implement guidelines/rules for players to follow to avoid the problems.. nothing seems to work.
Quite frankly, I've had enough of the complaints and drama.

So... I'd like to take this opportunity to formally make things clear:

Hardcore1 World:
  • This is a PvE world (Player vs Environment).
  • NO PvP allowed! (it is disabled, but players always find a way)
  • NO raiding or griefing!
  • You can use /lock to keep chests safe (LWC)

Hardcore2 World:
  • This is a PvP and PvE world.
  • Nothing in this world is protected - No locks, no claims, nothing is safe!
  • PvP allowed and encouraged!
  • Raiding/griefing is allowed and encouraged.
  • Teaming and betrayal is certainly allowed.
  • Player bounties are allowed but please don't make forum posts for it, try to be respectful.
  • DO NOT make tickets or complain about backstabbing, betrayal, teaming or any other tactic used by players.
  • DO NOT log out during combat to avoid dying (combat logging)!
  • DO NOT talk in a rude or disrespectful way (eg. "i'll kill all you noobs!" or "you have no skills")

This is a game! Don't let it ruin friendships!
Anything that happens in HC2 stays in HC2! Do not argue or complain about kills!
If you chose to play HC2, you chose to take the risk of dying! End of story.

Breaking any of the rules mentioned in this post could result in a warning and/or a ban!

I would also like to mention that we have a very strong dislike to combat logging. We feel it's unfair and not in the spirit of PvP to do so. If you are caught doing this or repeatedly do it, don't be surprised if a hidden admin decides to just kill you without notice.
You have been warned!