We are excited to announce that we're putting the finishing touches on a new Prison-themed server.  Your goal is to mine blocks in each mines to earn money and level up, providing access to the next mine.  

Staff have worked hard to create a series of exciting vistas with mines interspersed.  As you mine, bonus chests will become available with additional tools or food.  There are also loot chests hidden around the world.  And, to top it off, you can use the keys you earn to redeem bonus items to aid in mining..

With the opening of the Prison server, we will make available new ways of supporting the server, which in return will provide you additional tools and special perks for advancing your journey through the mines.

Enjoy your last days of freedom! 

HecticMorder @ skyblock2
Haha Nice
TreeJay M FIRST!

Hi Addstarians!

We'd firstly like to give a huge THANK YOU <3 to everyone who has supported us over the years and those who continue to support us. It costs us a lot of money each month to keep the servers running and without the generous donations.. AddstarMC would not survive!

In recent months we've been struggling to meet our dontion targets and last month we didn't even reach 80% of our goal. We think part of this might be because our monthly donation progress wasn't very visible and it's easy to forget about the costs involved in running a server. So we've added the donation goal on our front page and forums (you can see it on the top right of this page).

We are also very aware that we haven't released much new content for a while... but... the good news is we have been working on some big projects that we will be releasing soon!  We're hoping this gives you more entertainment, more things to enjoy and brings more regular players to the server!

Stay tuned for more soon...

PokemonPrince_YT Hang on! If the server didn't even reach 80% of the donation goal, how is the server still up and running?
HollowVictory Thanks for the update, add! I'll ask if I can donate, I think I've saved some money up. I can't wait to s...

Howdy All

Well it's been some time since Hardcore has been reset, and we have decided the time is right. Add5tar has gone slightly crazy in Hardcore 2, where at 0,0, it has been filled with Withers (see this forum post).

So on Friday 17Mar, at 3pm aest (servertime), both HC 1 and 2 will be reset. Everything will be removed, new map, new everything.

So for HC 2 players, now is the time to come out of your hole in the ground, or come down from the tree tops, and fight, raid, and grief. (HC 2 only) Make sure you get screenshots of your destruction. Post them on to the forums and gloat your success.

For HC 1 players (and HC 2), if you have built an awesome base in a Hardcore environment, that you are tremendously proud of, we do have the ability to copy your construction. See this post for details.

Until next time, keep growing that bamboo.


_adnap_ M Rpaulson. At this stage nothing significantly new... ;) Tango. Map is the same size. Until more players get involved, i...
Tango099 O And will maps be same size or extended?
Rpaulson Will anything be changed/added to the new hc1 and hc2 eg grave markers and xray protection

Our latest of The Movies has closed. First place is crazyian9 who wins a cool in game $10000. Second place is InfiniteLlamas who win a nice $5000.

Feel free to visit the Comp2 world to see the entries, or visit the Exhibit world to see the past winners. (Exhibit Warp is in the corner of the field in the Comp Lobby) 

The next comp has now started in Comp 1. 3D Statue. Make sure to read the criteria for the comp with /compinfo

Hoping to see some creative entries of a 3D person or animal.

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