SkyGrid Is Here

_adnap_ M posted Mon at 12:31

Well here it is. The latest addition to our network of servers!

It's fairly obvious that Skyblock is one of our most popular worlds. We realised that the community finds satisfaction in overcoming the thrilling difficulties and custom Challenges of the unique world. So naturally we took a closer look at our options to see what we could do with the resources available to us.

It is our utmost pleasure to announce our latest world Skygrid!!

With incredible dangers and possibilities never seen before on AddstarMC, we're very confident Skygrid will be warmly welcomed by our community!

Here you can find:

* Over 80 Challenges
* The Nether AND The End
* An Admin Shop
* Personal Market Shop Capabilities
* Treasure Rewards (coming soon)
* Grief Prevention Claiming
* Proper 1.12
* Naturally Generated Loot Chests
* Over 25 Types of Spawner Blocks
* And much, much more!

Finally... Thank you to the amazing staff who have helped over the last few weeks/months getting this ready. Without you, we would still be at the drawing board. Additionally, a very special THANK YOU to MiniWorks18 for the hundreds of hours spent tirelessly working on the backend of this project over the past several months!! <3

So go forth and parkour your way through a survival skyblock world of wonder!

CeNeddie I LOVE SKYGRID. Thanks to everyone Admins etc who put skygrid together. I just love the plugin. A twist to skyblock.
mrnomnom117 Looks good! Can't wait to try it!

Something New is Coming

_adnap_ M posted Sun at 11:12

The AddstarMC Team have been busy the last few weeks, and we are so close to releasing the next new server.

Do you like Survival? Skyblock? Parkour? Smash them together, and that's what is coming. 

Stand by for it :)

CoolOwlChick oh goodness .3.
NikkiGamer101 ߷ OMG! Iballisticsquid nostalgia!!
flower1206 Omg! So cool! &lt;3 Love the idea. I hope 1.12 will start working though, so that we can all have pet parrots!! So e...

New Donation Shop Items!

add5tar posted Apr 15, 17

We'd like to proudly introduce you to our newest available items on our donation shop!

With the recent launch of our Prison server, we have created our first monthly subscription packs. These can provide you with a serious boost to your prison mining experience! You can obtain special daily/weekly tools, unique items from MineCrates, automatic smelting, automatic selling, a shop multiplier and more!

We have also released a selection of key packs you can purchase! These packs contain a mix of various keys which can be used in any world with Rewards chests (survival, skyblock, prison, and more to come soon).

We thank you for supporting us and helping keep the server running! <3

Easter is here..

_adnap_ M posted Apr 14, 17

Its that time of year again, where the Addstar team have put on their bunny ears and have delivered more goodness to AddstarMC. So now Hub has transformed with wild rabbits and easter eggs everywhere.

This year we bring back the Easter Egg hunt, with 64 eggs to find around Hub. Head to the board next to the Survival Games portal, and begin your search around hub.

Additionally there is a short Comp which has just started, and ends midday Tuesday 18Apr17. Theme.... Easter. Ensure to read the criteria in /compinfo

Happy Easter everyone, and goodluck finding, then eating, all the easter eggs in hub.

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