Happy Birthday Archmohaa

_adnap_ M posted Aug 15, 17

A lot of people who have been around for a while, will know Archmohaa. For those that are a little newer to the server, you've no doubt heard of him.

Archmohaa (Arch) joined the Admin team in Jan2013 and provided so much input, fun and awesome ideas to get the server where it is today. Although he is not around much now-a-days, he will always be a big part of the server. Arch was always upto shenanigans... Whether it was blowing up things, imitating people, or doing surprise visits with his knockback 20 fish. (the fish slap)

So to Arch, Happy Birthday from all of us here at AddstarMC.

CaoNiMaShaBi Happy belated birthday, buddy! I hope you are doing well wherever you are. It's not the same without you! All the v...
SOSFILMZ Archmohaa was a really amazing staff member, I hope your birthday was great and good luck for the future!
ⒸⓡⒾⓝⒼⓔ ⓁⓞⓇⓓ Happy birthday! <3

SkyGrid Donation Items

_adnap_ M posted Jul 19, 17

With SkyGrid out for a month now, we have put together some Donation Items in the donation shop. (under the new SKYGRID group) 

Similar to Survival we have included God Armour, Ultimate Weapons, and Ultimate Mining. Also Bottles o'Enchanting in 3 different pack sizes.

And finally, Extra Claim Blocks for Skygrid. There are 2 pack sizes. One of an extra 5,000 blocks, and the other of an extra 10,000 blocks.

When in the Donation Shop, clicking on the individual packs will give you more information on what it contains.

In addition, we have also aligned the Survival Ultimate Weapons to include an enchanted Diamond Axe, and Ultimate Mining includes an enchanted Diamond Axe and Diamond Shovel.

We thank you for supporting us and helping keep the server running! <3

LittleRuffian Seriously can't believe it's already been a month! Ngl, I don't play skygrid so I won't be getting t...

AddstarMC is 1.12

_adnap_ M posted Jul 16, 17

It's here, It's Bold, It's out there. The vivid colours of 1.12 are now on all servers of AddstarMC. So hopefully by now everyone is using 1.12 clients to join AddstarMC

There is also a Comp currently running. "Lots of Colour". I must apologise here.... I preemptively opened the comp without it being ready for 1.12. For those that jumped in and started creating, sorry. But you can start using vivid coloured concrete blocks now.

SkyGrid has been out for a month now, and already i've seen some impressive creations! Urifida has created a forum post here, where you can share your great/or not so great creations. Everyone loves impressive numbers, so for your amusement..... There has been over 16,570 deaths in SkyGrid in 1 month. (includes falling to the void, landing too hard, and mob attacks)

Sounding like a broken record now, but once again, Thank you to the amazing Staff that work tirelessly in the background getting things sorted. We are all competing with 'real-life' and at the same time keeping Addstar up to date and trying to get more content for you.

Additionally, Thank you to all the players who give us our inspiration to keep this server going!!

Panda (_adnap_)

As you maybe aware, its not as simple as flicking a switch and turning AddstarMC into full 1.12 as soon as it is released. We rely on many external plugins, along with our own, that need to be updated.

So where are we at? Overall, it is now better to join with 1.12 clients, as all servers are compatible with a 1.12. Some servers are now full 1.12 with the use of 1.12 blocks. (ie Creative, Skygrid, and Games)

At the same time, we do support 1.11.2 clients that will work everywhere. (except SkyGrid) Additionally, using 1.11.2 in Colour Madness (Games server) may look a little distorted as it utilises 1.12 blocks

So with Colour Madness and its revamp to use the bright colours of 1.12, a slight change to game play has occured. Some evil Admin has included Knockback. As if the game isnt hard enough with running to find your colour, but now other players can knock you off the edge. Edit: The Evil Admin has removed the knockback

So until next time, start using those colours in Creative and hook into our new world of SkyGrid


SatriaGamerSGC Ahh, who is the evil admin?
PokemonPrince WHAT?!?!? the PvP was REMOVED?!?!? :furious:
AlikaJ M Those evil admin!
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